Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Coffee container

In the past we've seen shipping containers converted into swimming pools, and here they are upcycled into a cafe. Read all about it at Treehugger, where you'll find more shots of the green scene courtesy of B Alter.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Mary proposal

Without a doubt, Mary Portas has been reading this blog. Why else could she have promoted the concept of upcycling to the owners of 37 Old London Road in last night's episode of Mary Queen of Shops? You can catch the show on iPlayer this week, or if you're in Kingston browse the shop for yourself.

[Hi Mary!!]

Monday, 14 June 2010

Better latte than never

As I was drinking some coffee, I happened to read about the One Pot Pledge campaign. The initiative is led by Garden Organic, a charity that encourages people to grow their own food. The idea behind the One Pot Pledge is that gardening isn't difficult - you can take a disposable paper cup and get growing immediately. Here's a pic of Bojo with his coriander in a coffee cup to give you inspiration for your own one pot undertaking.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Palette o mine

Soon many of my favourite subjects will come together. Food... flowers... upcycling... Wales...

Nomadic Allotments is a project for the London Festival of Architecture being launched by the Welsh School of Architecture in Borough Market next month. Read all about it:

"The final allotment structures designed by the students will be constructed from reclaimed materials such as pallets and packaging provided onsite by Borough Market. The allotment structures will offer a variety of growing, eating and seating areas for market-goers, local visitors and residents alike."

The allotments will be officially launched on the 4th July, so grab a drink and a seat on one of the structures.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Bag bunting

Soon the World Cup will start. I wish the USA and England weren't in the same group; for a dual passport owner like myself things could get ugly. So I am supporting the Ivory Coast. All I need to show my colours is buy a bunch of stuff from Sainsburys and Marks & Spencer. With some orange bags and some green ones, I could make weatherproof bunting. Want some bag bunting of your own in order to show your own true colours? See a fabulous online tutorial by Hannah of Seeds and Stitches at Amelia's magazine, where she writes a column on creative reuse.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Crafty cakey gardening goodness

From Reestore comes yet another product in step with the zeitgeist...

Fat Bird is the complete fat cake creation kit. When you finish cooking and come up with a whole heap o fat, you're not supposed to pour it down the drain right? So pour that oily goop into the Fat Bird silicon mould, add some scraps, sprinkle on some birdseed and drop in a piece of string. Whack the recipe into the freezer and then when it's good and ready, hang it out for a feast for all our feathery birdy tweety friends.

At last, an invention that upcycles oil, hooray. Can we get a couple zillion of these sent to the Gulf of Mexico...?