Saturday, 10 January 2009

Heads up

Recently I interviewed milliner Janie Lawson for NorthWest magazine, and she mentioned her innovative idea for upcycling beloved old clothing. Janie offers classes in millinery, and an upcoming session will focus on upcycling.

"I'm doing a theme where you bring a dress with you that you really love but you're never going to fit into again - we've all got a few of those that we don't want to throw away," she laughs. "You can make the dress into a really beautiful hat. I did it recently. I had an amazing red printed vintage dress, and I knew I was never going to fit back into it so I made that into a hat. And it just gave me the idea that at the moment when times are a bit tight it's quite a nice thing to be able to use something you've got and make it into something new."

Janie's classes take place once a month upstairs at the Pineapple pub in Kentish Town. For £70, hat fans receive four hours of expert millinery instruction plus materials. “If you were to buy the hat that you’re going to make it would cost £160,” says Janie. “Instead you’re going to pay £70, come in, have a really nice afternoon and go away with a hat.”

Book a class on 07879 451 451 or find further information at

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