Monday, 5 January 2009

Ikea idea

In our really small home, everything has to fold up and become either flat or invisible when not in use. When we moved out of our last place, which was marginally larger, we couldn't keep lots of things, including a shelving unit from Ikea called Molger. It's designed for the bathroom in walnut coated with lacquer to make it waterproof. In its first incarnation we took out two of the shelves and turned it into a coat rack by rigging up a horizontal pole at the top for hangers in our best Macgyver manner. After moving I couldn't bring myself to get rid of the wood though. The slatted shelves found a home on the balcony - they keep plants off the concrete floor and allow for drainage when watering. And the two sides became a clothes horse, once The Real Gent installed a couple of hinges. It looks good enough to lean on the wall, which is fortunate because we're low on closet space, and when guests visit this is their towel rack.

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