Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Cut some rug

My friend and fellow freelancer Flemmich Webb has been keeping an eye out for upcycling ideas for me. And how's this? Top ten uses for old carpet, supplied by Brintons in time for Earth Day on 22 April...

1) Insulate the loft
2) Insulate plumbing with carpets reborn as pipe lagging
3) Accelerate decomposition by covering your compost heap
4) Make carpet rests to go under the legs of heavy furniture
5) Fashion a kneeling pad to protect knees while working in the garden
6) Carpet your garden shed
7) Make a bespoke car mat
8) Make a hallway mat for mucky shoe storage
9) Make a carpeted scratching post for the cat
10) Insulate a rabbit hut to allow your bunny to live in luxury

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