Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Easy being green?

"I have mixed feelings about ecofriendliness: I’m worried that it’s fundamentally human-hostile. However many foreign holidays we forgo, plastic carrier bags we refrain from using and dolphins we fail to eat, we can never score a perfect 10. The great unspoken premise of the green movement is that the world would be better off all round if you and I hadn’t been born."
Hm, controversial! This is from an article in The Sunday Times by Katrina Burroughs. Read the full story for interesting upcycled inventions available to buy... or if you have ample supplies of glue, wire, know-how and creativity, to imitate. The article led me on an interesting adventure around the interweb discovering talented designers, and I've included some of the best bits of work here. Pictured top to bottom are:
  • Madeleine Boulesteix (chandeliers from all the odds and ends you'd find in an old kitchen)
  • Ting London (interiors accessories from rescued seatbelts and bags from upcycled leather belts)
  • Massey and Rogers (lampshades and baskets made from recycled maps woven with fabric)
  • Resilica (a worktop made from 85% bottle bank glass chunks held together with solvent free resin) 

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