Sunday, 5 July 2009

Just do it (yourself)

Mrs Jones, who’s styled The Killers, Kylie, Scissor Sisters and Goldfrapp, has joined forces with Oxfam to reinvent the Camden Oxfam store as the ultimate fashion resource for independent style seekers. With a hand-picked range of eclectic fashion, music and homewares, the new and inspiring shop – known as Oxfam DIY – opened its doors to the public on 6 June.

Proving just what you can achieve with secondhand clothing, Mrs Jones styled a photo shoot featuring real people modelling unique looks created entirely using garments from Oxfam’s recycling facility. Visit the Oxfam DIY website and you can see a whole portfolio illustrating how discarded garments became individual street-style creations in her hands. You can also enter the competition like I did to win a custom outfit by Mrs Jones.

And intrepid upcyclers must must must visit the “How to” section of the site for excellent Mrs Jones masterclasses in topics including customising jeans, customising tees, turning jeans into skirts, making Hammer pants, creating jumpsuits, customising shoes and making a halter top from a scarf.

I mean, the woman made a ballgown from a bedspread! What are you waiting for? Go there! Go there now!

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