Thursday, 30 July 2009

Really, a rug?

A valued Raisin reader brought a cool company to my attention today. Carpet-Burns manufactures a plywood-style sheet material called HTC (heat treated carpet) that is produced from polypropylene based carpet waste - which is why you can get it complete with a carpet pattern. Drill it, saw it or even buy it specially moulded. This stuff is waterproof, durable, hard wearing, low maintenance, non-porous and has a very high resistance to staining, making it suitable for interior and exterior applications

Shown here is the result of a collaboration between Carpet-Burns and Electricwig. As you can see the Albert Stool features hard mouldable plastic made from faulty and end-of-line carpets. Why? Among other reasons, because 1.7 million tons of carpet is landfilled annually and can take over fifty years to biodegrade.

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