Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Piece work

ReVampt – which creates items only made from reclaimed and vintage textiles – launched their new collection of patchwork pieces just last month. The range, which includes throws, cushions, cot quilts, doorstops, bags, recovered chairs and stools, footstools, table runners, place mats and even a peg bag, coincides with the Victoria & Albert museum’s Quilts 1700-2010 exhibition which opened this week. As part of the quiltastic activities at the V&A, ReVampt owner and designer Sarah Baulch is running two stitch-centric workshops.

Denim features prominently in the work. Sarah explains, “Denim is such a great fabric to recycle. It is so hard-wearing with jeans and jackets normally only going at knees and elbows, leaving the rest of the item in great condition to turn into anything from a throw to a bag. People get so attached to their denim wear and often hate throwing it away; this is a great way of keeping hold of that beloved pair of jeans. Some of the items in this collection are actually made from denim stretching back thirty years, and with denim coming in such a wide range of colours, shades and weaves, every item in the collection is truly unique.”

Sarah will be working at the “Patchwork Social” quilt making workshop at the V&A 1st and 2nd May, as well as running the Re-Working Textile Workshop on 3rd May.

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