Sunday, 20 September 2009

Soapy sales

I've been going through my camera and have found some photos I intended to upload in order to brighten up the lives of Raisin readers everywhere. The first was shot at my friend Anne's house. Anne is an illustrator, so can always be counted on for creative ideas. She invited Belinda and me over for some coffee and cakes, and I invite you to now feast your eyes on her oversized cake stand. (It may seem obvious, but have you ever upcycled a piece of DIY equipment in the pursuit of sweet confections? Try it; I think you might like it.)

The second pic is something I came across at my mom and dad's house. According to my mom, this is a little crocheted soap scrubber from the 1930s. You would collect all your old bits of soap and squish them together, then stick them in this little pouch for an experience of bathing beauty. I just about can't remember the last time I saw an actual bar of soap - and it's not because I'm dirty. Now everyone everywhere uses liquid hand soap and shower gel. This might be because it's more hygienic (is it? I don't know), and this might be because we as humans love any excuse for a plastic bottle.

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