Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Time's a-wastin'

My fellow blogging fiend Clare just sent me info on a large-scale upcycling experiment taking place next month...

The V&A, one of the world’s most famous museums for art and design,  will be at the heart of the London Design Festival, proving a fitting hub for the capital’s major celebration of design which runs from 19 to 27 September. As part of the proceedings, Wasted is a project conceived and curated by Arts Co, presented in the tunnel connecting the London Underground to The V&A. Architect Ian Douglas-Jones and designer Ben Rousseau will create a vast architectural seating strata using reclaimed materials.  Wasted will interrogate a UK environmental problem – the tons of traditionally un-recycled waste that end up in landfill.  The climax of the project will be to show how reclaimed materials can be used to create aspirational products.  This project for the London Design Festival forms the launch of E&K Arts, a range of everyday, beautiful products created in collaboration with artists from waste.   

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