Thursday, 10 September 2009

You say tomato

I speak English. The Real Gent speaks English. But having originated on opposite sides of the Atlantic, we don't speak the same language at all. Our conversations (which are simply stimulating, as you yourself will soon witness) involve constant vocabulary negotiation. 

Me: How I love to come across an example of garbage being reinvented as something new.

RG: I know, you are always on the lookout for rubbish that has the potential for a fascinating future.

Me: Exactly. You really never know what you might find lurking in a trash can or dumpster.

RG: I must admit, your blog has taught me to see rubbish bins and skips in a whole new light.

Me: Gosh, thanks. I know you really liked those veggie cans being used as planters for peppers.

RG: Ah yes, the untapped promise of the humble soup tin - a wonderful thing to ponder.

Me: And remember the license tags upcycled into bracelets and handbags?

RG: Who could forget those humble number plates reincarnated into fashionable new lives?

Me: And hey, did I tell you how I came across SCABEL Architects, a firm that that uses former shipping containers as construction components?

RG: Shipping containers you say? How positively wonderful.

With some words, fortunately, we are in happy accord. Maybe we should have more conversations about shipping containers... By the way, the pic above is of Dunraven School, which SCABEL built with the help of Urban Space Management, whose Container City building system has already been used to create offices, retail spaces, artist studios, a nursery and youth centres.

(Thanks to Clare for pointing me in the direction of the Dunraven School shipping container upcycling example. Incidentally, if you're into the funny nuances of words, grammar and punctuation, then visit her blog Goodcopybadcopy - it's good for insight and a giggle.)

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