Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Cycling up, down, around

If you're trying to help the environment, why stop at cycling? Make like the owner of this trusty two-wheeler just seen in Charing Cross and upcycle at the same time.

The upstanding upcycler has requisitioned (legally, I'm sure) a shopping basket which has been secured to his vehicle with items found about the house: a bungee cord, a padlock and a chain bike lock. He has then taken a reflective sash, such as those favoured by school safety patrols in the US, and woven this into the mesh of the basket.

In addition to this work of genius, he has obtained a plastic Lidl shopping bag with which he protects his bicycle seat (and thus is own seat) from the elements.

(In spite of what snobby types might tell you, Lidl is an exceptional source for delicious bacon, mascarpone cheese and sliced ham for sandwiches. Clearly, here is a man with taste.)

And the entire ensemble is colour-coordinated. Mr Crafty Cycle Man, I salute you.

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