Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Just in case studies

There was an article on a new book called Thrifty Chic in the Homes & Property section of a recent Evening Standard featuring case studies from around England, naturally with plenty of examples of upcycling contained within. I'm possibly too thrifty to part with £19.99 for it, but the article offers some tasty ideas for free including:

"Her long oak kitchen table was made by a local carpenter out of Victorian pews their church no longer wanted"

"If you are loitering down by the plumber's merchant (looking for a cheap and reliable handyman), buy copper piping cut to length to hang your utensils from"

"A good trick is to transform your stairs: paint a striped runner form top to bottom in fashionable and fresh colours"

"Even the dog, a friendly Saluki called Benji, is recycled - he came from the rescue home"

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