Sunday, 29 March 2009

Thirsty work

Remember my earlier post about a temple made of glass bottles? My mom brought a story to my attention about a couple of college students with an innovative idea for dealing with plastic bottles. Plastic bottles are an example of an opportunity to apply “cradle to cradle” thinking to design. By definition, a plastic bottle is only useful as long as it contains a drink; it’s usefulness is exhausted as soon as the drink is consumed. Every drink manufacturer knows this, so you’d think they’d incorporate this knowledge into the initial design of the bottle. Matt Naples and Peter Zummo are two clever guys who have invented bottles that can be used as building blocks as soon as they have been emptied of drink. The idea is that these could be used to build housing in the third world. How refreshing - home sweet home.

(Want to know more? Visit Popular Science to read about it.)

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