Thursday, 21 May 2009

Swish swap shop

I wrote about a swishing event earlier this year and now the man with his eye on all things sartorial, The Real Gent, has brought another one to my attention. Read about Vikki Chowney's upcoming swishing event online, sign yourself up and then trade your old togs for new ones on 27 May. Why have I signed up? One, because it's fun and two, because it's good. Vikki explains:
"To give this bit of context, Global Cool spoke to 3,500 British women, and found that an average of £470 per person was spent on items in 2008 that were never worn – an estimated total of £11.1 billion in the UK alone. One in ten of the women surveyed confessed to binning these unwanted clothes, effectively contributing to the estimated 900,000 tonnes of UK clothing that is sent to landfill every year."

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