Wednesday, 27 May 2009

War on worthlessness

Inspired by the recession and compelled to create something positive, "Worthless" is a live art installation that explores the value of material objects. For one week only, 22-29 May, members of the public will be invited to bring their own "worthless" items into the store to be transformed into pieces of art.

The cheeky shop setting pays homage to Woolworths, where a team of creatives will work continually throughout the week on transforming trash into treasure. At the end, the "customer" can collect their "new" item and will pay however much they feel it's worth. A pick’n’mix of worthless and/or priceless creations will be exhibited in the store 1-5 June, with several items being auctioned at Octave Jazz Bar on behalf of the MS Society.

So it's a busy week for upcyclers: swish tonight at Vikki Chowney's Global Cool Swish, barter tomorrow at The Marksman pub's Barter for Beer Night, then make worthless art into priceless art Friday at Pollock's Worthless installation.

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