Monday, 31 August 2009

Bank on it

My friends are plagued by my constant requests for upcycling examples. Last week Amy sent me the following in an email:

"I don’t suppose you’re interested in hearing about how my sister and I used to make 'piggy banks' out of Pringle cans by wrapping them in flowered contact paper and cutting a slit in the lid? No? NO?! Yeah, our neighbors weren’t that impressed either. I don’t think anyone could even be convinced to buy one out of pity."

While the piggy Pringle bank enterprise was not a success, could it have laid the groundwork for Amy's future creative endeavours? The formula of taking a container and cutting a hole in it is certainly a good one. Just take a look at the seating arrangement above, which I snapped at Amy's flat yesterday. With a bit of vision, it seems her great aunt's steamer trunk is now not only very handy for humans, but also for cats who can enjoy the hidey-hole access to a litter tray.

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