Thursday, 6 August 2009

Enough already

There are a couple of items that are taking over my life. Lanyards and so-called bags for life keep entering my world in increasing and worrying numbers. I feel like I can't find a use for them all but I can't possibly throw them away because they will take one squillion years or more to biodegrade. Here's a takeaway sushi bag that contains my recycling. (Honestly, how robust does a bag holding a couple of California rolls have to be?) And here's a lanyard holding our balcony door open. (For the most part, I hate lanyards - what's wrong with those stickers that read "HELLO my name is...'?) But I only have so much paper to recycle and just one door to the balcony to prop open. Does anyone have any ideas? (To answer, come find me - I'll be living under a stifling mountain of bags for life.)

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