Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Just peachy

Greetings from The Peach State. Yesterday my mom and I went to Heard County to deliver some artifacts to the local history museum for an upcoming exhibit. The county's excellent museum is housed in the former jail which was built in 1912. Upstairs you can wander in the old cells and see where the only escape in the jail's history occurred. Two prisoners filed through two bars and jumped out of a window before being apprehended. The bars were patched up with a bit of an old plow, which makes sense given that Heard County is a rural kind of place where old bits of agricultural machinery would be in abundance.

Modern-day upcycling is often less practical and more decorative, but you don't have to apply your upcycling skills to keeping the peace in order for them to of value. The Vintage Flea in nearby Newnan illustrated some creative ideas: here reels of tickets are price tags; typewriter keys become bracelets and pendants; bulldog clips and plantation shutters are reborn as jewellery racks.

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