Friday, 14 August 2009

Got the blues

I love denim. My fashion-forward friend assures me that the streets of London will soon be awash with the stonewashed flavour of my favourite fabric, and I so I am going to try my best to love this latest version too.

When it's time for you to update your own personal jeans file, you may be interested to know that your old Levis can go toward a higher purpose (higher perhaps even than protecting your backside from nudity). Cotton From Blue to Green is a project that assists in rebuilding homes for communities in need. In the past three years, the Cotton From Blue to Green denim drive has collected 89,799 pieces of denim. The donated denim has been converted to UltraTouch, a natural fiber insulation that is obviously sustainable. This fluffy stuff has contributed to over 100 Habitat for Humanity houses throughout the gulf coast region of the US.

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