Monday, 10 August 2009

Get a life

Recently I wrote about how so-called bags for life are in fact plaguing my life. These horrible things are seriously going to outlive me, and I'm concerned. The long-life plastic ones drive me crazy - they are too plastic, too bright and too too branded (see above). If they were beautiful to behold and irresistible to carry then I might feel differently, but I just saw one being carried out of my local Thai restaurant and it was just a terrible old boring super-durable thick plastic bag that had the name of the restaurant written on it in black letters. Ick, how can anyone be expected to upcycle such a thing?

So let's talk about the alternatives. Someone gave me an Envirosax and it's awesome - the fabric design is cool and I love the construction. When it's all rolled up and fastened with its snap, it's small enough to carry around all the time (4 x 1.5"), and then when it's unrolled it can carry loads of stuff. Just ask Justin Timberlake (who has the same style as me) or Kelly Slater (obviously someone you can trust because he's the world's best surfer).

I've also just obtained ZPM's gorgeous new invention called Bagz. (So far Justin and Kelly haven't been fortunate enough to receive theirs, but no doubt they'll be keen to do so when they learn this natty invention was highly commended in the recent Gift of the Year Awards.) Folded up, the Bagz is roughly three times the size of the Envirosax, but then it does contain three bags. Unzip the pouch to release two shopping bags, and you'll find that the pouch actually becomes a pocket on the outside of a third bag. A snaptastic strap lets you attach the whole shebang to the handle of your shopping cart. As with most ZPM things, the fabric is tasty and if it hung around for your entire life, you might not be too sad about it.

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