Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Ifs ands and butts

Welcome to the second installment from my guestblogoperson Graeme. His new blog at www.bearinthehair.blogspot.com is coming along nicely, and I am going to recreate some of the magic here.

"Here is a Baby Burco that I adapted as a water butt. What is Baby Burco? I hear you say; well Baby Burco was a very early washing machine which was basically just a tub with a plug. You would fill with water, then switch on and marvel as said H2O atoms wiggled and jiggled themselves into a boiled up frenzy. Then you would add clothes and torture them with abrasive soap powder and wooden tongs until they came clean. The Burco was bought for 50p from a bootsale, but having no wish to harass articles of soggy clothing I turned it, with the help of a piece of washing machine pipe, a funnel and some gaffa tape, into the magnificent water collecting specimen it is today."

I especially like the re-use of the wine cork depicted above - gently used and with a corkscrew scar in its head - for some extra upcycling activity. Tune in tomorrow for a final piece from Graeme...

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