Saturday, 31 October 2009

Measure of success

Just when I thought my driving instructor could not possibly have further upcycling ideas to share, voila - look what he posted on his blog. (By the way, I am a safe and alert driver. If you see me coming down the street at you in a Honda with L plates, you have my solemn word that I am concentrating at the business at hand and am not chatting about upcycling. Very much.)

"A couple more Upcycling ideas from the House of Bear... These enamel liquid measures - actually 3 of those, plus one salt holder - were pretty hopeless around the house. There wasn't room in the kitchen to hang them on the walls and they couldn't stand up on their own, being legless and round bottomed, so for months they were sent into internal exile in a comfortless box in the cellar. But then, one day, hurrah! a brain wave was had and they were rescued from their damp exclusion and attached to the sunny, south facing, wall of our extension and duly planted up with, er, well, plants. This was greeted with much joy by the enamels and they have been happy with their botanical charges ever since (yes, I know these plants don't look too healthy now. But believe me during the summer they were thriving). Enamels are especially good for this kind of task because they each have a spout which allows for free draining, meaning they don't get waterlogged."

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