Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Make do and amend

I recently interviewed Donna Wilson, a textile designer who knits amazing creatures and furnishings sold in places like Liberty, SCP and the Royal Festival Hall shop. She's such a cool girl, and when I asked her for her top knitting tips she said: "Don't waste it. If you've run out of steam and have some half finished knitting, maybe it can be turned into something else – a cushion, a purse or even an egg cosy!"

It got me thinking - can't you knit things out of all kinds of stuff? Not just yarn but old strips of fabric and scraps and other materials? A quick search revealed you can even knit things out of... plastic bags! Honestly! If you're into that kind of thing, then check out the tutorials on and upcycle all those old carrier bags under your sink into something much better, like the sturdy shopping sack above.

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