Friday, 9 October 2009

Jamie's Italian Upcycle Idea

Several years ago I found myself growing very weary of Jamie Oliver. But yesterday when my old pal Vicky sent me off to review Jamie's Italian at Canary Wharf for The Guide magazine there was no way I was going to say no. And people, let me tell ya - the man really knows his way around a stick of salami and a slab of pecorino. It was all so super good. So much so that I like Jamie all over again. And can I just say that there's another reason I'm glad me and the naked one are back on good terms? If I'd not gone last night I'd not been able to appreciate Jamie's little upcycling endeavour... You see, the antipasti come out of the kitchen on wooden slabs. To make them easier to access, the slabs are placed on tins of tomatoes. The photo I took was toootally crap, so I've borrowed the one above from the very tasty Frolickingfoodie blog. Dig in!

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