Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Craft activism

This weekend my glamorous life took me to the school hall in a Lincolnshire village called Claypole where the PTA was hosting 80s night. In spite of drinking cans of £1.50 cider all night (I was doing it for the kids!) I managed to keep my beady eyes open for good raisin ideas. And bingo! I found a flyer for free art events called Scrap Tots and Scrapsters which are held by the Unique Scrap Store.

What's the Unique Scrap Store, you ask? Let me tell ya... Unique Scrap Store is the first online scrapstore in the UK, as well as a social enterprise which exists to support the Unique Coffee Bar charity. Scrapstores operate by collecting industry's usable, safe and clean waste products and offering them for sale at low cost for arts and play projects. (Such as the nifty die-cut seahorses above, 69p for a pack of 10!) Regular collections are made from key businesses in the area. The products are brought back to the central warehouse where they are sorted. Then the general public, schools, play organisations, drama groups and youth groups come along to the Unique Scrap Store and collect the products which they take back for use in play and arts projects. And if you're not lucky enough to live near the bustling hotspot that is Claypole, UK mainland delivery starts from £5.49. 

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