Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Blankety blank

Some time in the early 80s, a quilt making frenzy swept the neighbourhood where I grew up. My mom and her pals couldn't get enough of it! Only I guess they did eventually get enough of it, judging at least by the number of half finished quilty things I come across that have been quietly squirelled away in my parents' household.

Quilts have a real Little House on the Prairie vibe, which speaks a little bit to the make-do-and-mend tradition of early American homesteaders who were so fond of this particular art form. An old pair of trousers, a christening dress, a bedsheet, a nightgown with holes in it, a stained workshirt... Did Laura Ingalls Wilder put such things in the landfill? Did she heck. She would have made a snuggly nostalgic blanket from said castoffs, and these days you can too.

Beyond Fabrics in Columbia Road is offering quilting classes. The next one is 21 November 9am to noon and costs £35. 

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