Saturday, 21 November 2009

mOma said there'd be days like this

I've just interviewed Tom Mercer - a neighbour of mine and the man behind mOma - for Living South magazine. Tom's venture mOma makes and sells breakfast foods at mainline rail stations that are uber-healthy and super convenient. Think Bircher muesli and thick smoothies packed with probiotic yoghurt, fresh pressed juices, jumbo oats and fruit that come in in grab-and-go pots and bottles. 

Entrepreneurs are interesting to interview because they tend to be innovative thinkers and problem solvers who make the most of resources in getting their enterprises off the ground. Tom's story even includes a little bit of upcycling in the form of repurposed drinks bottles and a souped up filing cabinet:

“Back at the beginning when it was a real grassroots start-up company we did trials on the streets of Waterloo with old water bottles filled with product. Our first stall in Waterloo Station was made from a filing cabinet that had wheels on the bottom and branding put on the side.”

Find mOma at Euston, Charing Cross, London Bridge, Victoria, Liverpool Street and Waterloo.

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