Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Up, up(cycle) and away

Recently I went to Liberty and spent all of 68p on a piece of ribbon. I also went to the magical cobbler on Lower Marsh who never seems to want to charge me for anything. (He's fixed handbags for me twice, using quantities of stitches and glue, and didn't want any money either time.) I got him to punch holes in these pirate boots I got at Shellys a long time ago. (I know it was a while ago because a) the Neal Street Shellys isn't even there anymore, and b) after I bought them I met my friend Emily at Souk and that was before she had any kids and now she has two kids and two dogs.) So I threaded the 68p ribbon through the holes and laced the boots up in the back. Now they are thigh-high, and I am ready for anything. 

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