Monday, 9 November 2009

Reclaim for Christmas

Last week I was working at the Spirit of Christmas Fair at Olympia. It seems just a tiny bit early for Christmas carols, but not at all too early for upcycling ideas. Antiques by Design was exhibiting, and let me tell ya - these people are upcylomaniacs.

Here's how you can tell. Their website lists such mysterious and exciting items as:

Piglet feeding trough herb garden

BSA car grill mirror

Tennis racket mirrors

Galvanised water tank lamp table

Norwich jail window mirror

French gate console with white Carrara marble top

And don't even get me started on their lighting. I'll put it this way - in their hands, no cello, boxing glove, shotgun, snowshoe, Second World War helmet, fire extinguisher, oar, bowling ball, watering can, discus or cartwheel is safe from their illuminating reclamation antics.


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